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  • Decoding Construction Costs: A Guide to Estimating Labour Expenses in Kenya

    Decoding Construction Costs: A Guide to Estimating Labour Expenses in Kenya

    Estimating labour costs accurately is paramount for contractors and project owners to ensure construction projects stay within budget and on schedule. The construction industry in Kenya plays a pivotal role, contributing 7% to the GDP and employing over 1.5 million people [1]. Despite its significance, the industry grapples with challenges such as a shortage of…

  • Guide to Successful Bidding

    Responsiveness To be successful, A bidder must ensure his Bid Document has fully complied with the checklist for completeness and responsiveness as provided in the Evaluation and Qualification Criteria in the bidding documents.  Filling of Forms and Providing All information Required Attachment of all Statutory Documents including National Construction Authority Registration Certificate & Current Annual…

  • Project Inception

    Project Inception

    ## Inception – The initial planning and feasibility of the project – The quantity surveyor’s role is to: – Identify the professionals to be engaged – Gather relevant information that affect the cost of the project – Present preliminary estimates to the client

  • Design & Documentation

    Design & Documentation

    ## Design and Documentation – The development of the design from sketches to drawings, specifications, and bills of quantities – Our role is to: – Prepare detailed and accurate estimates as the design is developed – Advise the client of the costs of alternative schemes – Convey the final budget for the project to the…

  • Tender & Award

    Tender & Award

    Tendering and Award: Once the Client has confirmed funds to meet the Budget as previously set:- An appropriate method of Contracting the proposed Works to suitable Contractors is agreed on Relevant Tender Documents are then prepared and may include:- Bills of Quantities Architectural/Structural/Building Services Drawings Specifications Instructions to Tenderers Schedule of Materials/Bill of Labour Reputable…

  • Post Contract

    Post Contract

    Post Contract: At this stage, our role is to:- Facilitate Handing Over of the Completed Project by preparing the relevant Schedules Ensure that Defects noted during Final Inspection are attended to Release of retention monies and Bonds/Guarantees held against the Contractors Performance Release of Bonds held against the Clients Performance Give advice on Resolution of…

  • Alterations & Re-Modelling

    Alterations & Re-Modelling

    Alterations & Re-Modelling Clients from time to time need to remodel or refurbish existing due to: Natural causes, building materials grow old and decay Changes in the use of the building necessitating reconfiguration Damage by Fire, Floods or Vandalism We offer solutions on Procuring such specific Works:  

  • Contract Management

    Contract Management

    Contract Management Stage The Contractor is on site executing the Works as per Contract.  Our role as Project Manager is to:- Hold periodic Site Meetings to assess Progress of Works and to Issue Instructions and Details to aid the Contractor where necessary, and prepare Minutes and other Contract Records. Periodically value Works done by the…