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Tender & Award

Tendering and Award:

Once the Client has confirmed funds to meet the Budget as previously set:-

  • An appropriate method of Contracting the proposed Works to suitable Contractors is agreed on

  • Relevant Tender Documents are then prepared and may include:-

    • Bills of Quantities

    • Architectural/Structural/Building Services Drawings

    • Specifications

    • Instructions to Tenderers

    • Schedule of Materials/Bill of Labour

  • Reputable Construction Firms are invited to Bid Competitively for the Works

  • The Bids so received are then Evaluated per Criteria and the best Bid Accepted

  • At all stages, the Budget as set should not be exceeded.

  • The Client then Enters into a Contract (usually Standard) with the Winning Bidder, to Execute the Works as defined in the Documents, at the agreed Contract Sum, within the Stipulated Construction Period.

  • The Winning Bidder is then given possession of site, and Construction Work begins