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Contract Management

Contract Management Stage

The Contractor is on site executing the Works as per Contract.  Our role as Project Manager is to:-
  • Hold periodic Site Meetings to assess Progress of Works and to Issue Instructions and Details to aid the Contractor where necessary, and prepare Minutes and other Contract Records.
  • Periodically value Works done by the Contractor and Issue Interim Payment Certificates to be honoured by the Client/Financier
  • Prepare Periodic Financial Appraisals so that the Client is Informed of the effect on the Contract Sum caused by:-
    • Variations in Design or Scope of Contract during Construction,
    • Variations in the time that some of the Works are to be Executed in
  • Give advice on various Contractual matters as they arise between the Client and the Contractor in the Course of Execution of the Contract
  • Examine and Evaluate any Claims from the Contractor regarding Compensation Events as provided for in the Contract
  • All the above take place until Practical Completion, ie when the Proposed Project is Completed and ready to be handed over to the Client