Here are some Projects of Diverse types, Complete or On-going, that we are involved in as Project Managers

Painting of Asili Sacco

Client: Asili Sacco

Project Cost : Kshs 1.5 M

3Br Residence in Bondo

Client: Susan A. K'Odingo

Project Cost :  Kshs 2.8M

2Br Flats in Bondo

Client: Sinapanga Court, Bondo

Project Cost: Kshs 8.8M

Wajir Slaughterhouse

Client:Min.of Livestock Devp

Project Cost: Kshs 124M

Renovation of Mandera OPD

Client: Danida/MOMS/MOPHS

Project Cost: 14 M

Wajir Energy Centre

Client: Ministry of Energy

Project Cost : Kshs 11.5M

15 No. Duplex Staff Quarters

Client: Danida/MOMS/MOPHS

Project Cost: Kshs 46 M

KCAA Staff Houses, Wajir

Client: KCAA Director-General

Project Cost: Kshs 14 M

DCs Office, Bute

Client: MSPA Wajir North

Project Cost: Kshs 4.5 M

DPU Bute

Client: MSPND&V2030

Project Cost : Kshs 10 M

Hospital Renovations Wajir

Client: Ministry of Health

 Project Cost : Kshs 23 M

Facilities at Griftu Dist Hospital

Client: Danida/MOMS/MOPHS

Project Cost: 32 M


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